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Wheel Repairs

Jersey weather and the high air salt content can play havoc with your car’s alloy wheels but scratched or corroded alloy wheels can be given a new lease of life, and made to look brand new again with our wheel refurbishment service.

As we are car restorers as well as accident repair and refurbishment specialists we are very particular about the methods used in all of the work we do. You will often see cheap offers to refurbish alloy wheels but they are unlikely to give the perfect finish and long lasting results that we provide.

The first element in refurbishing an alloy wheel is to make sure it is safe, that it’s structural integrity is intact, as it is possible to severely damage a wheel without realising when hitting a curb for instance. Once confirmed sound, the wheels are acid cleaned, steam cleaned, and imperfections are filed and polished out, then painted or finish is applied. All by hand. Then wheels are rebalanced before being replaced on the car.


Refurbished wheel

Refurbished wheel – click to enlarge

Complete wheel refurbishment to the highest standards costs just £85 per wheel.

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