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Vehicle Refurbishment

Bodywork refurbishment in Jersey

A trend that has been growing over recent years in Jersey is Vehicle Refurbishment.

Rather than sell your car and buy another, simply spend a fraction of the cost and refurbish your present car.

Unlike restoration or repair, refurbishment is based on maintaining and extending the life of your vehicle and is being turned to instead of replacement by more and more car owners, both for practical reasons and environmental.

If you have a car that you have invested in with regular servicing which you like (or love) but is starting to look a bit tired, refurbishment definitely should be considered.

Vehicle refurbishment is about caring for your car

One of the (very few) good things to come out of recent hard times is that we are taking more care of our possessions, and considering reusing or recycling more and more rather than replacing. And as our cars are always going to be one of the biggest investments we make, it really pays off to take care of them. Look at London’s Routemaster buses – 40 years of daily use and nightly care!

So, apart from regular servicing, a small investment in refurbishment will revitalise your car, protect it and prepare it for many more miles and years of use as well as making it feel like a new car.

To learn more about refurbishment call us and bring your car along for a free quote.

Vehicle Refurbishment November 15, 2012